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Research Article

Nutrition Education in Australian Midwifery Programmes: A Mixed-Methods Study

Table 2

Nutrition topics covered in participating midwifery programmes.


(1) Topics of nutrition during pregnancy
Alcohol and pregnancy23100
Nutrition related issues such as managing nausea and vomiting23100
Nutrition during pregnancy, for example, the role of folate, iodine, or calcium2295.7
The healthy range of weight gain required for pregnant women2295.7
Nutrition for breastfeeding2191.3
Nutrition management of gestational diabetes2087.0
Food safety and preparation during pregnancy (e.g., listeria)1982.6
Managing weight during pregnancy1669.6
Nutrition assessment (e.g., reviewing diet for nutrition requirements of pregnancy)1565.2
Nutrition and teenage pregnancy1147.8
Nutrition during pregnancy and different cultural groups1043.5
(2) Topics of general nutrition
General nutrition for special groups (e.g., vegetarians, vegans, and different cultural groups)1356.5
General nutrient information, for example, the role of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in the body1252.2
General food safety939.1
General nutrition, for example, prevention of chronic illnesses such as cancer or heart disease626.1

Multiple responses allowed.
Other included “obesity,” “eating disorders,” and “diets of heart and kidney diseases.”

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