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Diversity of House Dust Mite Species in Xishuangbanna Dai, a Tropical Rainforest Region in Southwest China

Table 1

Composition of mites and insects in house dust in Xishuangbanna area.

SpeciesSampled homesa,b ()Samplesb ()Mitesc ()

    D. farinae 4097.5616771.67400163.02
    D. pteronyssinus 3892.6812654.08112817.77
    D. siboney 2048.783916.741011.59
     T. putrescentiae 1024.39166.87280.44
     A. ovatus 37.3231.2960.09
     B. tropicalis 1024.39166.87190.30
    Laelapidae Berlese24.8820.8620.03

 Unidentified 614.6373.00110.17

Total number identified4097.5618679.836349
Total number collected41233

Homes with more than one sample were regarded as the same home. bThe percentages of homes and samples were calculated with total number collected as the denominator. cThe percentage of individual specimens was calculated with total number identified as the denominator.

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