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MicroRNAs: Promising New Antiangiogenic Targets in Cancer

Table 1

Angiogenic miRNAs related to cancer and their targets.


DicerFunction lossMaturation of microRNAsmiRNAs[56, 57] 
[58, 60, 61]

miR-126ProangiogenicRegulates the response of endothelial cells to VEGFSPRED-1, PIK3R2, VECAM-1,[64, 68, 71]

miR-221/222Antiangiogenic and proangiogenicInhibitor of SCFC-KIT, eNOS, p27[73]  

miR-17-92 clusterProangiogenic and antiangiogenicRegulation of vascular integrityTHBS1, p21, S1P, JAK1 
Flk-1 (VEGFR-2)

let-7f; miR-27bProangiogenic↑EC-mediated angiogenesis *ND[75]

miR-214Antiangiogenic Tubular sproutingQuaking[89]

miR-93Proangiogenic Enhanced endothelial cell activityLATS2[90]

miR-210ProangiogenicEndothelial cell migration and formation of capillariesEphrin-A3[97]

miR-20bAntiangiogenicDecreases levels of HIF1A and VEGFVEGF, HIF-1α[102, 103]

miR-21AntiangiogenicInduction of tumour angiogenesis, confers resistance to hypoxiaPTEN,  
PDCD4, Sprouty1

miR-200 familyAntiangiogenicEpithelial-mesenchymal transitionETS-1[109]

miR-200cAntiangiogenicEpithelial-mesenchymal transitionVEGFR-2[110]

miR-107Antiangiogenic Hypoxia signallingHIF-1β[111]

miR-519cProangiogenicDepletion of tumour angiogenesisHIF-1α[112]

miR-424Proangiogenic and antiangiogenicDestabilization of the E3-ligase assembly, increasing HIF-1α levelsCUL-2 


miR-15a AntiangiogenicControl of the cell cycle, apoptosis, proliferation, and angiogenesisBCL-2 

miR-16AntiangiogenicControls VEGF expression and induces cell apoptosisVEGF  

miR-378ProangiogenicCell survival and tumour growthSUFU and FUS-1[114, 119]

miR-296Proangiogenic Promotes angiogenesis by increasing levels of proangiogenic growth factor receptorsHGS[120]

miR-199aAntiangiogenicSuppresses tumour angiogenesis via the HIF-1α/VEGF pathwayHER3[121]

miR-125bAntiangiogenicSuppresses tumour angiogenesis via the HIF-1α/VEGF pathwayHER2 

miR-361-5pAntiangiogenicCancer development and progressionVEGF A[122]

miR-1/206AntiangiogenicRegulation of VegfA expression VEGF A[124]

miR-10bProangiogenicRegulation of endothelial cell division and migrationHOXD10, FLT1[123]

miR-196bProangiogenic *ND *ND[63]

miR-503AntiangiogenicOverexpression reduces tumour angiogenesisFGF2, VEGFA[130]

miR-128AntiangiogenicDecreases cell proliferation, tumour growth, and angiogenesisP70S6K1[131]

mir-145AntiangiogenicInhibition of tumour growth and angiogenesisP70S6K1[132]

miR-130aProangiogenicIncreases angiogenesis by targeting GAX and HOXA5 (antiangiogenic genes)GAX, HOXA5[133]

miR-132ProangiogenicIncreases Ras activityp120RasGAP[134]

miR-26aAntiangiogenicSuppresses tumour growth and metastasisPIK3C2α

ND: not described.

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