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Clinical Study

Tattoo-Associated Skin Reaction: The Importance of an Early Diagnosis and Proper Treatment

Table 3

Other possible ingredients and haptens contained in the tattoo ink and pigment colour.

Tattoo ink/pigment color Ingredient

BlackIron oxide

BrownOchre (ferric oxide)

RedCinnabar/mercuric sulfide
Cadmium red
Iron oxide/common rust
Napthol-AS pigment

YellowCadmium yellow
Curcuma yellow
Chrome yellow (PbCrO4, often mixed with PbS)

GreenChromic oxide (Casalis Green or Anadomis Green)
Lead chromate
Phthalocyanine dyes
Ferrocyanides and ferricyanides

BlueAzure blue
Cobalt blue
Cobalt phthalocyanine
Cobalt aluminate

Violet (purple) Manganese ammonium pyrophosphate
Various aluminum salts

WhiteLead carbonate
Titanium dioxide
Barium sulfate
Zinc oxide

HennaHenna dye and paraphenylenediamine (PPD)

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