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Recent Developments in Nanoparticle-Based siRNA Delivery for Cancer Therapy

Table 1

siRNA cancer therapeutics in clinical trials.

DrugCompanyVehicleTargetDiseaseDelivery routePhaseStage

CALAA-01Calando PharmaCyclodextrin nanoparticle, Transferrin, PEGM2 subunit of ribonucleotide reductaseSolid tumorsIVIOngoing,
not recruiting

Atu027Silence TherapeuticsLiposomes (Lipoplexes, Cationic lipid)Protein kinase N3Solid tumorsIVICompleted

ALN-VSP02Alnylam PharmaSNALPVEGF and KSPSolid tumors with liver involvementIVICompleted
Solid tumorsIVICompleted

TKM 080301Tekmira PharmaSNALPPolo-kinase-1Solid tumorsIVIRecruiting
Solid tumors with liver involvementIVICompleted

siRNA-EphA2-DOPCM.D. Anderson Cancer CenterLiposomes (neutral liposomes)EphA2Solid tumorsIVINot yet open

siG12D LODERSilenseed LtdPolymer matrix (LODER polymer)KRASG12DPancreatic ductal adenocarcinomaEUS biopsy needleIOngoing, recruiting
IINot yet open

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