The Scientific World Journal / 2019 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Optimization of the Production Parameters of Composites from Sugarcane Bagasse and Iron Salts for Use in Dye Adsorption

Table 1

Factors (independent variables) and their respective levels (or classes) chosen in the optimization stage of the composite production.

Independent variablesLevels/Classes

Mass sugarcane bagasse/mass iron salt1:2; 1:1; 2:1

Type of mixture sugarcane bagasse/iron saltSugarcane bagasse/iron nitrate (SB/IN);
Sugarcane bagasse/iron acetate (SB/IA);
Sugarcane bagasse/ iron nitrate-iron acetate (SB/IN-IA)

Temperature400°C; 500°C; 600°C

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