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Research Article

Dimorphic Sessile Apterae of the Aphid Neothoracaphis glaucae (Hemiptera) on the Evergreen Oak Quercus glauca

Table 2

Aphid samples subjected to DNA sequencing.

Insect sampleCollection localityCollection dateHost plantAccession no.

Neothoracaphis glaucae: L-type (#13040)Ome, Tokyo6.5.2013Quercus glaucaLC487692§
N. glaucae: S-type (#13041)Ome, Tokyo6.5.2013Quercus glaucaLC487693§
N. glaucae: S-type (#13010)Shinkiba, Tokyo8.2.2013Quercus glaucaLC487694§
N. glaucae: wingpadded nymph (#13154)Shinkiba, Tokyo1.11.2013Quercus glaucaLC487695§
N. glaucae: wingpadded nymph (#13187)Shinkiba, Tokyo14.11.2013Quercus glaucaLC487696§
N. glaucae: S-type (#18078)Takao, Tokyo16.5.2018Quercus glaucaLC487697§
N. glaucae: L-type (#18079)Takao, Tokyo16.5.2018Quercus glaucaLC487698§
N. glaucae: S-type (#18082)Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture16.6.2018Quercus myrsinifoliaLC487699§
N. glaucae: S-type (#18098)Yugawara, Kanagawa Prefecture29.7.2018Quercus myrsinifoliaLC487700§
N. elongata (#17093)Tanegashima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture5.11.2017Quercus acutaLC487701§
N. elongata (#19005)Shiba, Tokyo8.1.2019Quercus acutaLC487702§
N. querciphaga: L-type (#13035)Ome, Tokyo6.5.2013Quercus myrsinifoliaLC487703§
N. querciphaga: S-type (#13037)Ome, Tokyo6.5.2013Quercus myrsinifoliaLC487704§
N. querciphaga: L-type (#18047)Hachioji, Tokyo26.3.2018Quercus myrsinifoliaLC487705§
N. querciphaga: S-type (#18048)Hachioji, Tokyo26.3.2018Quercus myrsinifoliaLC487706§
N. yanonis (#17084)Tanegashima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture3.11.2017Quercus dentataLC487691§
N. yanonis (Gall_Mie204)Tsu, Mie Prefecture6.5.1996Distylium racemosumLC487689
N. yanonis (Gall_Tokyo46)Shinkiba, TokyoMay 2003Distylium racemosumLC487690

All collection localities are in Japan. DNA sequences are deposited in the DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank nucleotide sequence database. §Slide-mounted aphids from the same colony are deposited in the collection of Systematic Entomology, Hokkaido University (Sapporo, Japan), as voucher specimens.

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