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Research Article

Dimorphic Sessile Apterae of the Aphid Neothoracaphis glaucae (Hemiptera) on the Evergreen Oak Quercus glauca

Table 1

Samples of Neothoracaphis species subjected to morphometric analysis.

SpeciesSample codeCollection dateCollection localityHost species of QuercusNo. of leaves sampledNo. of mounted specimensNo. of specimens measured

N. glaucae#1400820.1.2014Shinkiba, TokyoQ. glauca2196160
N. glaucae#1407128.3.2014Shinkiba, TokyoQ. glauca6208189
N. glaucae#141174.6.2014Shinkiba, TokyoQ. glauca3235219
N. glaucae#1311717.9.2013Shinkiba, TokyoQ. glauca2198167
N. glaucae#141725.11.2014Shinkiba, TokyoQ. glauca3156146
N. glaucae#141154.6.2014Shinkiba, TokyoQ. glauca3148143
N. querciphaga#141222.7.2014Ome, TokyoQ. myrsinifolia22189154
N. elongata#171155.11.2017Tanegashima Island, Kagoshima PrefectureQ. acuta2174123
N. yanonis#131279.10.2013Tama, TokyoQ. serrata1191§175

All collection localities are in Japan; sampled from new leaves; §subsampled.

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