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The Effect of Periarticular Injection of Methylprednisolone Acetate in Patients with Primary Osteoarthritis of the Proximal Interphalangeal Joints: A Case Controlled Study

Table 1

Demographic, clinical, and radiographic parameters of the patients.

ParameterGroup 1Group 2P value

(i) F:M11:710:60.939
(ii) Age52.75±9.2, 47-7657.5±8.45-700.118
(iii) Duration of pain4.2±3.2, 1-123.18±2.5, 0.5-100.294
(iv) No. of PIPJ injected2.83, 0.98, 1-52.5, 0.96, 1-50.824
(v) VAS64.58±10.54, 45-8869.8±10.8, 54-900.151
(vi) C-RP2.89±2.03, 0.1-6.32.25±2.0, 0.1-80.347
(vii) ESR15.5±7.55, 7-3316.4±10.1, 5-410.714

Mean± SD, range.
F=female, M=male, PIPJ=proximal interphalangeal joint, VAS= visual analogue scale, ROM=range of motion, C-RP= C-reactive protein, and ESR= erythrocyte sedimentation rate.

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