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Research Article

Atypical Small Acinar Proliferation: Repeat Biopsy and Detection of High Grade Prostate Cancer

Table 3

Comparison of patients with and without PCa and high grade versus low grade PCa on repeat biopsy.

FeatureAny cancer on repeat biopsy value GG ≥ 7 on repeat biopsy value
Yes ()No ()Yes ()No ()

Mean age (years) 63600.1865 (59–69)62 (57–66)0.58
Abnormal DRE (%)24280.7420230.76
Mean PSA (ng/dL)6611 (5–15)6 (4–7.3)0.09
Mean # cores with ASAP1.761.330.2111.7 (1–3)0.23
Presence of concomitant HGPIN22.7%67.6%0.00120%9%0.47

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