Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity / 2016 / Article / Fig 4

Research Article

Grape Powder Improves Age-Related Decline in Mitochondrial and Kidney Functions in Fischer 344 Rats

Figure 4

Nrf2 (a) and mitochondrial biogenesis marker MtTFA (b) in the kidney of control and grape power (GP) treated adult and aged rats. (a) Nrf2 in cytosolic and nuclear fractions was determined by Western blotting. Upper panel: representative blots. β-actin and lamin B were used as protein loading controls for cytosolic and nuclear fractions, respectively. Lower panel: quantification of protein bands. (b) MtTFA mRNA levels were determined by qPCR. Details for (a) and (b) are in the Methods. Results are mean ± SEM. rats. from adult and aged control rats.

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