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The Modulatory Effect of Cerebrovascular Burden in Response to Cognitive Stimulation in Healthy Ageing and Mild Cognitive Impairment

Table 5

Results of the independent-sample Mann-Whitney tests assessing the difference in cognitive change scores between high and low WML groups.

Low WMLHigh WMLMedian change scores effect of WML on change scores
Baseline (median)Retest (median)Baseline (median)Retest (median)Low WMLHigh WML

Healthy ageing
Token task35.534.75123635.512007.99
Raven’s progressive matrices33341228.531.5120.520.376
Rey figure—copy34.536123334.51201.50.32
Stroop—error interference00120012000.936
Corsi span55124.5512000.65
Digit span—forwards66126612000.503
Digit span—backwards4.55.512441200.51
Naming task202012202012000.538
Token task33.532.511343310000.847
Raven’s progressive matrices24221127.528.510-110.898
Rey figure—copy29281129.2531.251001.750.171
Stroop—error interference31.5110.5010100.468
Corsi span44114410000.133
Digit span—forwards56116610000.519
Digit span—backwards43114410000.478
Naming task192011181910100.949

Note: indicates significance when corrected for multiple comparisons (). Stroop—error interference: lower value indicates better performance.

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