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The Modulatory Effect of Cerebrovascular Burden in Response to Cognitive Stimulation in Healthy Ageing and Mild Cognitive Impairment

Table 1

Demographic and neurostructural differences between the healthy ageing and MCI groups.

Mean (SD) difference
Healthy ageingMCI

Demographic variables
Age67.64 (7.35)73.86 (5.21)
Years of education10.52 (4.12)8.50 (3.65)
Gender (m/f)9/1612/10
APOE ε4 carriers (, %)5 (20%)7 (33.3%)
Neurostructural volumes (ml)
Grey matter586.12 (53.46)532.88 (51.07)
White matter435.30 (42.87)423.62 (55.46)
CSF351.71 (77.72)451.34 (96.46)
Total intracranial volume (TIV)1373.12 (117.94)1407.84 (157.45)
WMH (ml)3.30 (5.41)8.58 (9.32)
WMH/TIV (%)0.24 (0.40)0.60 (0.64)

Means and standard deviations are indicated for all continuous variables. Proportional values are indicated for gender and number of APOE ε4 carriers. Group differences were calculated with independent-sample -tests or tests (gender and APOE genotype). Note: means significant when corrected for multiple comparisons ().

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