Journal of Sensors / 2018 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Evaluation of Low-Cost Sensors for Ambient PM2.5 Monitoring

Table 3

Coefficients of determination () for tested PM sensors at different time scales.

Sensor modelSDS011ZH03APMS7003PMS7003 “AE”OPC-N2

1 min0.790.830.800.700.740.850.850.830.830.830.800.590.430.46
15 min0.800.850.810.710.770.870.870.850.850.850.810.600.440.47
1 hour0.820.860.830.730.810.880.890.860.870.860.830.610.440.48
24 hours0.880.900.870.780.890.930.930.910.910.910.880.690.530.59

Unit no. 1 was excluded from calculations due to malfunction; calculated for the period 21 August 2017–24 December 2017, before sensor replacement.

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