Journal of Obesity / 2018 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Effect of Obesity-Linked FTO rs9939609 Variant on Physical Activity and Dietary Patterns in Physically Active Men and Women

Table 3

Physical activity levels in men and women carrying different risk variants of the FTO rs9939609 single nucleotide polymorphism.

CharacteristicFTO rs9939609 genotypeModel 1a: genotype value
AA (n = 74)AT (n = 177)TT (n = 157)

Vigorous MET (min·week−1)2808 (1966)2751 (1903)2407 (1876)0.19
Moderate MET (min·week−1)726 (1069)816 (1127)654 (874)0.41
Walking MET (min·week−1)1240 (1242)1207 (1345)1043 (1192)0.34
Total MET (min·week−1)4774 (3125)4774 (3193)4104 (2795)0.10

Values are mean (SD) for n = 408. Comparisons were made using linear mixed models adjusted for age and sex. ES, effect size. aModel 1: additive genotype model (AA versus AT versus TT).

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