Journal of Obesity / 2018 / Article / Fig 1

Research Article

Effect of Obesity-Linked FTO rs9939609 Variant on Physical Activity and Dietary Patterns in Physically Active Men and Women

Figure 1

Box plots and analysis of the effect of FTO rs9939609 gene variant on obesity-related parameters. (a, b) Body mass index (BMI); (c, d) waist circumference (WC); (e, f) waist-to-height ratio (WHtR). (a, c, e) female; (b, d, f) male. Females: n = 107 (AA = 18, AT = 40, and TT = 49). Males: n = 421 (AA = 77, AT = 196, and TT = 148). The line within box represents the median, while the lower and upper box lines represent the interquartile range (1st and 3rd quartiles). The whiskers represent the minimum and maximum observations. Linear mixed models, adjusted for age and sex, were used to examine between-genotype differences. No significant differences were seen in obesity-related parameters between FTO rs9939609 genotypes.

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