Journal of Obesity / 2010 / Article / Tab 5

Research Article

Diet, Screen Time, Physical Activity, and Childhood Overweight in the General Population and in High Risk Subgroups: Prospective Analyses in the PIAMA Birth Cohort

Table 5

Screen time >1 hr/day at age 5 and/or age 7, stratified by maternal education and by maternal overweight: Prevalence; association with overweight (incl. obesity) at age 8 (with <1 hr/day at ages 5 and 7 as the reference); adjusted1 Population Attributable Risk (PAR%); achievable reduction in overweight prevalence if risk factor was removed.

Screen time > 1 hr/day at age 5 and/or age 7Maternal educationMaternal overweight
High/IntermediateLowBMI <25BMI25

Prevalence (%)47.562.648.657.8
Association with overweight at age 8 (aOR (95% CI))1.54 (1.16–2.06)1.20 (0.78–1.83)1.52 (1.12–2.04)1.22 (0.84–1.76)
PAR %16.710.216.610.4
Achievable reduction in overweight prevalence (%)from 12.4 to 10.3from 18.3 to 16.4from 10.0 to 8.3from 25.0 to 22.4

adjusted1  for gender, birth weight, breast feeding and all behavioral risk factors included in the study.

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