Journal of Nanomaterials / 2019 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

In Situ Synthesis of Structural Hierarchy Flowerlike Zeolite and Its Application for Fluoride Removal in Aqueous Solution

Table 1

Previous studies for fluoride removal from water.

AdsorbentType of waterAdsorption capacity (mg g-1)Contact timeReferences

Al(III)-Zr(III) binary oxideAqueous solutions114.54 h[48]
Regenerated aluminum oxide-coated mediaAqueous solutions34.245 days[49]
3D hierarchical amorphous aluminum oxide microspheresAqueous solutions126.9600 min[50]
Synthetic Fe-Mg-La trimetal nanocompositeAqueous solutions47.2[51]
TiO2-ZrO2Groundwater/synthetic water system13.11.5 h[52]
Zeolite NaAAqueous solutions16130 minIn this study

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