Journal of Nanomaterials / 2015 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Crystallizing Vanadium Pentoxide Nanostructures in the Solid-State Using Modified Block Copolymer and Chitosan Complexes

Table 4

Photoluminescence data for V2O5 in several morphologies.

Morphology (nm) (nm) CommentsReference

Film 399325[82]
Film 500300[83]
Nanowires 391, 629, and 698325[82]
Nanospheres 391325[82]
Nanoparticles460, 593380Particle size 5–8 nm [49]
Nanoparticles495, 595420Particle size 25–30 nm[69]
Cylindrical 626–6523–5 μm diameter fibers[80]
Dandelions 399, 423, and 440[81]
TiO2 supported film 469, 523325[84]
V2O5 supportedon SiO2515290[85]
V2O5 supportedon TiO2550370[85]
V2O5 supportedon Al2O3580315[85]
V2O5 supportedon MgO590282[85]
V2O5-doped 425280[86]
458420Layered nanosheets This work
458420NPs with average size 16 nm
458420Larger crystals with layered structure

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