Journal of Drug Delivery / 2011 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Antibody-Hapten Recognition at the Surface of Functionalized Liposomes Studied by SPR: Steric Hindrance of Pegylated Phospholipids in Stealth Liposomes Prepared for Targeted Radionuclide Delivery

Table 3

Data of (M) and Rmax (RU) resulted from MAb 734 binding with DSPC/Chol/DSPE-DTPA-indium/DSPE-PEG750 and DSPC/Chol/DSPE-DTPA-indium/DSPE-PEG1000 liposomes in order to emphasize the influence of PEG chain size. Three different concentrations of DSPE-PEG (2.5%, 6%, and 8%) were studied for each size of PEG chain. The score of χ 2 (Chi2) is <5; it means that the model used adequately describes our data. Experiments were duplicated. KD value is the average ± standard deviations.

PEG Size (M)Rmax (RU) (M)Rmax (RU) (M)Rmax (RU)

 750 10−91081 10−9902 10−8845
 1000 10−96885.48 ± 0.22 10−8529 10−7424

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