Journal of Cancer Epidemiology / 2017 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Patterns of Sociodemographic and Clinicopathologic Characteristics of Stages II and III Colorectal Cancer Patients by Age: Examining Potential Mechanisms of Young-Onset Disease

Table 2

Characteristics of 706 younger (age < 50 years) patients diagnosed with stages II and III colorectal cancer, 1990–2010, by race/ethnicity.

⁢NH white ⁢NH black ()⁢Hispanic ()

 Medicaid (any)2210.84826.13519.6
Tumor site
 Right colon4919.46238.54226.3
 Left colon2813.82919.92916.4
 Sigmoid colon4425.92917.83324.3
Mucinous histology3010.43617.72911.8
Histologic grade
 Well/moderately differentiated24680.714681.714079.2
Stage at diagnosis
 Stage II11842.78647.48738.0
 Stage III19957.311452.610262.0
MSI testing performed3
SES index
 Quintile 1117.74637.94528.0
 Quintile 23022.52624.23420.9
 Quintile 32616.31816.33027.4
 Quintile 43721.82016.12517.0
 Quintile 54331.7125.486.7

NH: non-Hispanic; VA: Veterans Affairs; MSI: microsatellite instability; SES: socioeconomic status.
1Proportions weighted by sampling fraction.
2Percentages do not add to 100 because some younger patients were insured through Medicare; cell sizes too small (<5) to report.
3MSI testing collected in 2010 only.
4Socioeconomic status based on composite census-tract-level indicators from Census 2000 and American Community Survey 2005–2009; limited to study years 2000, 2005, and 2010 and not including Louisiana.

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