International Journal of Rheumatology / 2014 / Article / Tab 2

Clinical Study

Allopurinol, Benzbromarone, or a Combination in Treating Patients with Gout: Analysis of a Series of Outpatients

Table 2

Change in serum uric acid (UA) with allopurinol, benzbromarone, or both drugs.

ParameterAllopurinolBenzbromaroneBoth drugs

Age (years) 0.093
Urine UA (mg/day) 0.857
Pretreatment serum UA (mg/dL) 0.499
Posttreatment serum UA (mg/dL) 0.01*

Serum UA posttreatment with allopurinol versus serum UA posttreatment with benzbromarone or both drugs.

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