International Journal of Pediatrics / 2019 / Article / Tab 2

Review Article

Current Cigarette Smoking and Its Predictors among School-Going Adolescents in East Africa: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Table 2

Sensitivity analysis of the prevalence of cigarette smoking among school-going adolescents.

Study omittedPrevalence of current cigarette smoking (95%CI )

William al/20078.94 (6.0,11.8)
Ayalu al/20129.57(6.6,12.5)
Emmanuel R. et al/20079.71(6.8,12.5)
Anteneh M. et al/20129.26(6.3,12.1)
Lilian M. et al/20049.4(6.4,12.5)
Adamson S, Lillian M. /20079.4(6.3,12.4)
Mpabulungi L, Mula AS/20067.6(5.2,9.7)
Nebiyu D. et al/20148.1(5.5,10.7)
Yousif M. et al/20128.1(5.0,11.1)
Adamson S. et al/20118.5(5.7,11.3)

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