International Journal of Hypertension / 2016 / Article / Tab 8

Research Article

The Hypertension of Hemophilia Is Not Explained by the Usual Cardiovascular Risk Factors: Results of a Cohort Study

Table 8

Estimated differences in diastolic BP between PWH and NHANES subjects by race for those models that had a significant interaction race; older subjects (30–79 years) not taking antihypertensive medications.

OutcomeVariables in modelRaceDifference between PWH and NHANES (mmHg)95% CI

DBP, Cage, Cage2, race, raceWhite5.883.39, 7.88
Black3.04−2.95, 9.02
Hispanic1.76−2.57, 6.08
Other0.80−4.95, 6.54
DBP, Cage, Cage2, log BMI, eGFR, log TotalCholesterol, smoking status, HCV, race, raceWhite4.981.13, 8.84
Black0.17−8.55, 8.88
Hispanic−0.31−6.25, 5.63
Other0.58−6.91, 8.07
DBP, Cage, Cage2, log BMI, eGFR, log TotalCholesterol, smoking status, race, raceWhite8.435.64, 11.22
Black3.34−4.98, 11.66
Hispanic1.97−3.32, 7.26
Other3.17−3.82, 10.17

is the binary variable that distinguishes PWH from NHANES ( for PWH, for NHANES); CI indicates confidence interval; Cage, centered age; BMI, body mass index; eGFR, estimated glomerular filtration rate; HCV, hepatitis C virus.

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