International Journal of Evolutionary Biology / 2012 / Article / Fig 4

Review Article

The Impact of the Geologic History and Paleoclimate on the Diversification of East African Cichlids

Figure 4

(A) The distribution of phylogenetic lineages. Colors indicate the distribution of genetic lineages: the distribution of the Lake Malawi lineage is displayed in purple, the Lake Tanganyika lineage is shaded in dark blue, the Malagarasi and Rukwa lineage are shown in green, the Lake Kivu lineage is colored purple, light red shading indicates the distribution of the Lake Victoria Superflock (LVSF), and the distribution of the South Kenyan—North Tanzanian lineage is displayed in yellow. (B) The possible colonization scenario for East African cichlids; the color of the arrows coincides with the colors of the lineages illustrated in part (A). (C) The distribution and possible colonization pathway for the North African and Israeli outposts of the LVSF. Phylogenetic data and colonization pathways are based on data from [2330] and modified from a Figure  4(a) of [23].

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