International Journal of Computer Games Technology / 2012 / Article / Tab 3

Review Article

A Guideline for Game Development-Based Learning: A Literature Review

Table 3

Study of GDFs for developers.

GDFsFeatures descriptionOrigin

FPS game engine: Torque game engine/Unreal EngineThese are original commercial game engines and already have applied in commercial and popular games. They are usually not free and provide with some edit tools. And more complex than a concrete game editorR1, R8, R9,

XNA ( framework/XQUEST/BiMIPThese are game development tools based on MFC and DirectX from windows platform and have the same structure on game loop concept. BiMIP is a self-Made similar to XNA. And XNA is a GDF to develop cross-platform games for the Windows PC, Windows mobile phone, XBOX, and the Zune platform using the C#. XNA features a set of high-level APIs targeted for 2D and 3D games. It consists of an integrated development environment (IDE) along with several tools for managing audio and graphics. XQUEST and XNACS1Lib are game library for XNA that contains convenient game components R3, R15, R16, D21, Dev30, Dev33

Android/Sheep ( Android mobile platform is a mobile application development platform issued by Google. And Sheep framework is an extended game library for AndroidDev31

Simulation platforms: Spacewar simulator/RoboRally/JGOMAS MUPPETS/SIMPLE frameworkThere are self-made simulation game or simulator that provides the controller for the users to modify the parameters and control the avatar in these simulation platforms; they are usually to teach the programming and AI fieldR2, R19, Dev29, Dev32, Dev34

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