International Journal of Analytical Chemistry / 2014 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Trace Analysis in End-Exhaled Air Using Direct Solvent Extraction in Gas Sampling Tubes: Tetrachloroethene in Workers as an Example

Table 3

Measurement results of the field study: tetrachloroethene in end-exhaled air in exposed (dry-cleaning workers) and nonexposed (control group) subjects.

SubjectTetrachloroethene conc. in end-exhaled airSampling conditions
ActivitySample ASample B Temp.

1ExposedDyeing 7.67.910109.4
2ExposedMachine operating 16.716.710109.4
3ExposedTagging/inspecting 5.95.610109.4
5–14Control<LOQ<LOQ1016 to 102011.5 to 18.0

: ambient pressure; Temp.: ambient temperature.

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