International Journal of Agronomy / 2017 / Article / Tab 6

Research Article

Soil Metals and Ectomycorrhizal Fungi Associated with American Chestnut Hybrids as Reclamation Trees on Formerly Coal Mined Land

Table 6

Mean concentrations of metals in foliage and floral tissue of chestnuts (pure American, BC1F3, and BC2F3) growing in the Tri-Valley Research Site as compared with ranges of metals in plant tissue (ppm) as reported in the literature [4549]. BDL = below detection limit.

foliage (ppm)
95% CIChestnut floral (ppm)95% CIRange in plant tissues

Ag0.150.06, 0.24]0.110, 0.22]0.05–1.5
Al74.8358.96, 90.71]41.7017.47, 65.90]30–250
Cu0.91−0.5, 2.34]23.9014.35, 33.38]4–15
Mn55965.18823.7, 1106.7]662.08544.75, 779.41]20–400
Pb0.480–0.97]0.37−0.21, 0.95]0.1–10
Se2.481.36, 3.6]7.125.50, 8.74]<10
Zn64.7929.19, 100.39]58.014.51, 101.39]27–100

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