Gastroenterology Research and Practice / 2015 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Clinical Relationship between Steatocholecystitis and Gallbladder Contractility Measured by Cholescintigraphy

Table 4

Multivariable analysis for clinical risk factors of steatocholecystitis in patients with acalculous cholecystitis.

Variables for steatocholecystitisOR (95% CI) value

Age0.94 (0.90–0.99)0.01
BMI1.19 (0.99–1.42)0.06
Total bilirubinNSNS
Total cholesterol1.02 (1.01–1.04)0.04
GBEF 1.03 (0.99–1.03)0.08

OR: odds ratio; CI: confidence interval; NS: not significant; BMI: body mass index; AST: aspartate aminotransferase; LDL: low-density lipoprotein; GBEF: gallbladder ejection fraction.

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