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Research Article

Challenges in the Clinical Environment: The Saudi Student Nurses’ Experience

Table 4

Relationship of age, yearly academic level, and GPA towards clinical challenges and implications.

Challenges and implicationsSpearman rank correlation coefficient valueRemarks

Insufficient competence−0.1030.128Not significant
Ambiguous evaluation0.1380.041Significant
Unsupportive learning environment0.0240.727Not significant
Implications to learning outcomes0.0800.235Not significant

Academic level
Insufficient competence−0.1530.023Significant
Ambiguous evaluation−0.0090.890Not significant
Unsupportive learning environment−0.0930.168Not significant
Implications to learning outcomes−0.0390.565Not significant

Insufficient competence−0.0130.850Not significant
Ambiguous evaluation0.1000.138Not significant
Unsupportive learning environment0.0860.206Not significant
Implications to learning outcomes0.1550.021Significant

p value significant at < 0.05.

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