Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine / 2016 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Cerebral Targeting of Acupuncture at Combined Acupoints in Treating Essential Hypertension: An Rs-fMRI Study and Curative Effect Evidence

Table 3

The changes of brain regions of group A after treatment versus before treatment.

Number of voxelsHemiBrain areasBAT (peak intensity) Peak MNI coordinate

1248RInferior occipital gyrus195.815239−93−15
313LInferior frontal gyrus in triangular and opercular part44, 453.6219−96018
366LPostcentral gyrus, inferior parietal, excluding supramarginal and angular gyri, supramarginal gyrus3, 45.9703−45−2742
344RInsula, superior temporal gyrus21−5.027845−3−15
851RAnterior cingulate and paracingulate gyrus, median cingulate and paracingulate gyrus, medial superior frontal gyrus8, 24, 32−6.552661227

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