Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine / 2011 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine among People with Type 2 Diabetes in Taiwan: A Cross-Sectional Survey

Table 3

Comparative frequency of use of CAM modalities before- and after-diagnosis with Type 2 diabetes.

CAM modalitiesBefore diagnosis
After diagnosis
P value

Whole medical systems

Biologically based practices
 Chinese herbal medicines8.027.9 .001
 Nutritional supplements8.641.1 .001
 Diet modification 13.2
 Non-Chinese herbs 3.4

Manipulative- and body-based practices
 Cupping, scraping5.86.4
 Manipulative-based therapies4.613.5 .001
 Folk therapies 0.6

Energy medicine
 Biofield therapy 9.2 .001
 Bioelectromagnetic-based therapies3.710.1

Mind-body medicine
 Supernatural healings 11.0 .001
 Mind-body therapies 3.7

Cells have expected count less than 5.

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