Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society / 2018 / Article / Tab 7

Research Article

A Dynamic Analysis of a Motor Vehicle Pollutant Emission Reduction Management Model Based on the SD-GM Approach

Table 7

Estimated values of pollution degree of NOx and PMx in Beijing.

TimeAmount of motor vehicles (vehicle)ANOG (t)APMG (t)Actual pollution degree

20145.591e+0061.1182e+0052.2364e+005Serious pollution
20135.437e+0061.0874e+0052.1748e+005Serious pollution
20125.200e+0061.0400e+0052.0800e+005Moderate pollution
20114.983e+0069.966e+0041.9932e+005Moderate pollution
20104.809e+0069.618e+0041.9236e+005Moderate pollution
20094.019e+0068.038e+0041.6076e+005Mild pollution
20083.504e+0067.008e+0041.4016e+005Mild pollution
20073.072e+0066.144e+0041.2288e+005Mild pollution
20062.754e+0065.508e+0041.1016e+005Mild pollution

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