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Case Report

IgG4-Related Tubulointerstitial Nephritis Associated with Membranous Nephropathy in Two Patients: Remission after Administering a Combination of Steroid and Mizoribine

Table 2

Treatment and the effect of IgG4-related membranous nephropathy reported in previous studies.

CaseReferences, YearAgeGenderIgG4/IgG TINS-Cr (mg/dL)U-pro (g/day)f/u (months)Treatment
(years)(mg/dL)Pre TxPost TxPre TxPost Tx

1Uchiyama-Tanaka et al. 2004 [3]64Male665/5410yes4.
2Watson et al. 2006 [4]67Male2125/7070yes3.
3Saeki et al. 2009 [5], Saeki et al. 2010 [6], Saeki et al. 2013 [7]83Male924/3144yes1.481.222.31.64PSL
4 Saida et al. 2010 [8], Saeki et al. 2010 [6], Saeki et al. 2013 [7]78Male1860/3731yes6.17HD1.38HDNAPSL
5Palmisano et al. 2010 [9]68MaleNAno1.2NA1.50.45NAACEI, statins
6Raissian et al. 2011 [1]75MaleNAyes6.62.516NA1.1PSL
7 Raissian et al. 2011 [1], Fervenza et al. 2011 [10], Alexander et al. 2013 [11]67Female531/1581yes1.21.340.27PSL
8Cravedi et al. 2011 [12] 54Male730/2022no1.15NA7.3811PSL, Rituximab
9Kawano et al. 2011 [13] NANANAyesNANANANANANA
10Yamaguchi et al. 2012 [14] 60Female142/1706yes1.05NA14NANANA
11Yamaguchi et al. 2012 [14] 64Male260/4292yes1.4NA0.67NANANA
12Jindal et al. 2012 [15] 72Male750/1511yes4.7HD15HDNAPSL, Rituximab
13Alexander et al. 2013 [11] 75MaleNAyes6.62.5163.16PSL
14Alexander et al. 2013 [11] 53MaleNAno0.80.8163.146PSL, MMF
15Alexander et al. 2013 [11] 50MaleNAno1., Rituximab, MMF
16Alexander et al. 2013 [11] 46FemaleNAyesNATransplantNephrotic0184none
17Alexander et al. 2013 [11] 67MaleNAyes1., Cy, ACEI
18Alexander et al. 2013 [11] 65FemaleNAyes0., MMF
19Alexander et al. 2013 [11] 64MaleNAyes3.4NA1.7NANANA
20Alexander et al. 2013 [11] 34MaleNAno1.6NA12.4NANANA
21Li et al. 2014 [16]55Male1926/5305yes0.8NA5.50.220PSL
22Miyata et al. 2014 (Case )69Male2750/6989yes1.0 1.171.4048PSL, MZR, AZA
23Miyata et al. 2014 (Case )80Male1050/6350yes0.90.782.73017PSL, MZR

Abbreviations: ACEI, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor; ARB, angiotensin receptor blocker; AZA, Azathioprine; Cy, cyclophosphamide; f/u, follow up; HD, hemodialysis; mPSL, methylprednisolone; MMF, Mycophenolate mofetil; MZR, mizoribine; PSL, prednisone/prednisolone; S-Cr, NA, not applicable; serum creatinine; TIN, tubulointerstitial nephritis; U-Pro, urine protein.

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