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Dimensionality Reduction Reconstitution for Extreme Multistability in Memristor-Based Colpitts System

Table 3

Different color regions and the coexisting attractor types.

Colors in Figure 5Coexisting attractor typesExamples in Figure 6

RedUpper- and lower-asymmetric chaotic double-scroll attractorsFigure 6(a)
CyanUpper- and lower-period-2 limit cyclesFigure 6(b)
RedSymmetric chaotic double-scroll attractor and chaotic spiral attractorFigure 6(c)
Cyan and yellowPeriod-2 and period-3 limit cyclesFigure 6(d)
Cadet blue and bluePeriod-1 limit cycle and point attractorFigure 6(e)
BlackUnbounded orbitFigure 6(f)

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