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Research Article

Legendre Cooperative PSO Strategies for Trajectory Optimization

Pseudocode 1

Pseudocode of CPSO.
Input (number of cooperation iteration),
    (number of cooperation iteration),
    (subswarm size),
   , and (the parameters of interval analysis) are given from outer iteration.
Initialize () and ()
For cooperation iteration
For each subswarm iteration
  For each particle
   If ( mod 2 > 0)  
   End If
   To run Runge-Kutta numeric integration and evaluate performance function by using Equ. (9).
   If ()
   Else If ()
   End If
   To update the particle by using Equ. (10), Equ. (11).
  End For
End For
If mod
   To update
Else To update (
End If
End For

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