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Bacterial Diversity and Bioremediation Potential of the Highly Contaminated Marine Sediments at El-Max District (Egypt, Mediterranean Sea)

Table 4

(a) Sequential test (DistLM) explaining the total variation with the contribution of all the predictor variables accounted separately according to their division in (a) physical data, (b) metal/metalloid concentration, and (c) nutrients/pollutants concentration. = statistic; = probability; Prop. = proportion of total variation explained; Cumul. = cumulative explained by the listed variables; Res.df = residual degrees of freedom. Statistically significant variables are written in bold type.

Sequential tests

+% sand35,26716,4450,00360,621860,6218610
+% silt34,4582,37470,07380,0789430,700819
+% clay28,5267,4930,00080,14470,845518
Mean size28,526 No test−1,60 − 140,845518
Water content28,526 No test−1,59 − 160,845518
Porosity28,526 No test1,14 − 150,845518


Sequential tests

Cr28,526 No test−4,67 − 160,845518
Ni28,526 No test−6,42 − 160,845518
Cd28,526 No test7,80 − 160,845518
Co28,526 No test−2,21 − 160,845518
Pb28,526 No test5,79 − 160,845518
As28,526 No test7,27 − 160,845518


Sequential tests

TAH46,1380,689160,5066,456,45 − 0210
PCHs28,5264,38980,00998,48 0,845518
Tpest28,526 No test3,400,845518
TN28,526 No test−9,570,845518
TP28,526 No test8,470,845518

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