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Autoimmune Thyroid Disease in Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Global Perspective

Table 5

Prevalence of AITD diagnosis in RA patients.

publication date
LocationStudy populationDiagnostic criteria of RADiagnostic criteria of AITDNumber of CasesFrequencyPrevalence %

 Mousa et al. 2012 [57]EgyptF: 80% A: 36.3ACR 1987Lab.217125.5
 Benamour et al. 1992 [58]MoroccoF: 87.4% A: 34ARAN/A40420.5
 Cárdenas et al. 2012*ColombiaF: 81.3% A: 51.92ACR 1987Lab.800789.8
 Shiroky et al. 1993 [59]CanadaF: 76. A: 58.7ARABiopsy11974.2
 Becker et al. 1963 [60]USAN/AARAHistology5159.8
 Linos et al. 1980 [61]USAF: 74.1% A: N/AARAN/A521112.1
 McCoy et al. 2012 [62]USAF: 69% A: 55.8 ± 15.7ACRLab.650406.1
 Hijmans et al. 1961 [23]Europe#N/AARA 1959N/A8678.1
 Pongratz et al. 2000
AustriaF: 88.3% A: N/AARAN/A383359.1
 Caron et al. 1992 [64]FranceN/AN/AN/A1312116
 Herrmann et al. 1990 [65]GermanyF: 86% A: N/AN/AUS, Lab.20121
 Biro et al. 2006 [66]HungaryN/AARALab.18594.9
 Somers et al. 2009 [67]UKF: 92% A: N/AGPRDGPRD228883371.5
 Thomas et al. 1983
UKF: N/A A: 52N/ANR29582.7
 Chan et al. 2001 [69] UKF: 90% A: N/AARALab.6423.0
 Przygodzka and
 Filipowicz-Sosnowska 2009 [70]
PolandF: 100% A: 56 ± 13ACRLab.1001616.0
 Lazúrová et al. 2009 [71]SlovakiaF: N/A A: 52.2 ± 2N/AUS, Lab.681927.0
Middle East
 Zayeni et al. 2010 [72]IranF: 87.1% A: 49.05N/ALab. Clinical examination2243917.4

#Location not stated. Collaboration between the UK and The Netherlands.
*Current series.
N/A: Not available; F: Proportion of females; A: Age at time of assessment (standard deviation); ARA-ACR: RA diagnostic criteria 1987; UK: United Kingdom, US: Ultrasound, USA: United States of America, GPRD: General Practice Research Database; Lab.: Laboratory criteria.

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