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Supraventricular Arrhythmias after Thoracotomy: Is There a Role for Autonomic Imbalance?

Table 1

Association between postoperative heart rate disorders and the type of the performed surgical procedure.

Study Ref. no.Included arrhythmiasPercentage in pneumonectomy*Percentage in lobectomyOverall

Krowka et al. 1987[2]TDR23.6**
Dyszkiewicz and Skrzypczak 1998[5]AF24.06.18.3
Curtis et al. 1998[6]SA39.417.022.4
Ciriaco et al. 2000[7]SA33.312.613.7
Sekine et al. 2001[9]SVT31.9
Rena et al. 2001[10]SA35.023.022.8
Barbetakis and Vassiliadis 2004[12]SA37.317.421.6

Including bilobectomy.
**Study addressing only pneumonectomy.
TDR denotes tachydysrhythmia.

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