Advances in Materials Science and Engineering / 2016 / Article / Fig 2

Research Article

Morphology of Near- and Semispherical Melted Chips after the Grinding Processes Using Sol-Gel Abrasives Based on SEM-Imaging and Analysis

Figure 2

General morphology of near-spherical melted chip formed after internal cylindrical plunge grinding of 100Cr6 steel obtained by use of scanning electron microscope, JSM-550LV, produced by JEOL: (a) SEM micrograph (size: 388.88 × 297.77 μm, mag. 500×) of GWAS 1–35 × 20 × 10-SG/F46K7VTO with centrally positioned single near-spherical melted chip, (b) AOI (size: 25.34 × 25.08 μm, mag. 3000×) extracted from (a) with calculated basic dimensions of chip, (c) AOI (size: 12.13 × 3.87 μm, mag. 5500×) extracted from (b) with visible structure of chip, and (d) image from (c) after use of filtering process (high-pass filter). Note: Acc. voltage, accelerating voltage; BES, backscattered electron (shadow image); WD, working distance.

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