Advances in Meteorology / 2010 / Article / Fig 8

Research Article

Regional-Scale Ozone Deposition to North-East Atlantic Waters

Figure 8

Monthly mean deposition velocity in the North East Atlantic region as predicted by REMOTE for June 2003 for various dry deposition schemes. 100 nM I plot depicts deposition velocity using the Fairall et al. [13] parameterisation with oceanic iodide concentrations set to 100 nM. The Wesely [18] plot shows deposition velocity simulated by the nonchemical scheme. Reactivity 1000/s plot shows deposition velcity simulated using the Fairall et al. [13] scheme with reactivity term set to constant 1000 s-1 and mechanistic scheme plot depicts the deposition velocity simulated using the Fairall et al. [13] scheme with inclusion of first-approach chlorophyll-based organic chemistry.

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