Advances in Multimedia / 2012 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Objective No-Reference Stereoscopic Image Quality Prediction Based on 2D Image Features and Relative Disparity

Table 4

Methods’ evaluation results for training and testing without (wo) disparity.


Blockiness and zero-crossing wo disp.0.9530.3220.4010.074
Only blockiness wo disp.0.7051.0371.1990.367
Only zero-crossing wo disp.0.8830.5150.6100.110
Conventional method wo disp.0.9040.5300.6460.131


Blockiness and zero-crossing wo disp.0.9320.3490.4320.053
Only blockiness wo disp.0.7051.0411.1960.359
Only zero-crossing wo disp.0.8140.5950.7190.114
Conventional method wo disp.0.8540.5480.6490.159

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